Empowering Resilience in Weathered Union

Every day I see a Facebook feed full of news stories describing American politics as hateful, corrupt, and divisive. You have probably seen it yourself. It is difficult to escape, short of logging off completely and permanently.

I often wonder what happened to the country I know and love. The one built by immigrants, by the middle class, and on the idea that all men and women are created equal.

Sadly, the reality is that expressing yourself on social media is not nearly as effective as you hope it will be when you hit the Post button. Even the most perfectly worded post on social media struggles to reach a broader audience of people who need to see it the most. On average, only a handful of your friends list will see your post. Even if those who are moved by your post share it, its impact is still heavily restricted, sometimes by design.

It's hard to be effective when your message is walled off by strict privacy settings or a platform that would rather you buy ads to extend the reach of your voice. If you are like me, you find yourself speaking out online to a choir of people who already share your opinion, while you remain silent in public about the same concerns. At the end of the day, you just feel worn-out and your perfectly crafted posts get lost in the endless stream of social media updates.

That is exactly how I felt before I started this company. Powerless. Muted. Invisible. Does this sound familiar? I created Resilient Union with the purpose of giving Americans a way to speak out in public. Hate and corruption should be easy things to stand against. Compassion and integrity are not just blue state values; they are expressed daily in various ways by people of all parties across all fifty states. We have been through hell in the last two years, having faced many political storms; however, we have weathered them and we are still standing. We are a resilient union.

It is time to step beyond the walls that were built for online privacy. It is time to stand together for the values that made our country great and will make it great again. It is time to speak truth to those in power to show that we do not accept hate and corruption. So stand up with me. Stand with compassion. Stand for unity. Make your voice heard… no megaphone required.

- Glenn Luther, President